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Lot 2 2 A QUANTITY OF COSTUME JEWELLERY: twenty-two items: two paste pearl necklaces, four rosaries, a curb-link neckchain, a pair of cuff-links, a charm bracelet, two key chains, six pairs of ear-clips, two badges, a commemorative crown-size coin, an opal brooch and an opal pendant and chain. (22) $15-20
Lot 8 8 AN AZURITE BEAD NECKLACE: forty 10mm beads strung and knotted with 9ct gold swivel. Length 50cm. $75-95
Lot 12 12 A CORNELIAN BEAD NECKLACE: cylindrical beads with white metal spacing beads and hook and ring clasp. Length 71cm. $20-40
Lot 15 15 AN AUSTRALIAN SHELL CAMEO AND 9ct ROSE GOLD BROOCH: the wide frame with applied ropework; safety chain; Levinson, Perth. Weight (all in) 11.2g. $200-250
Lot 16 16 A BRACELET AND A CHAIN: an amethyst and 9ct gold bracelet with two silver discs; and a chain marked Sterling. (2) $10-20
Lot 25 25 AN EMERALD AND DIAMOND OCTAFOIL TARGET PENDANT with seventeen emeralds and eight single-cut diamonds; silver, with a silver rope-twist chain. Pendant diameter 25mm. $200-250
Lot 29 29 THREE PENDANTS: two with malachite, one with aventurine quartz; marked 18k, white metal. (3) $20-25
Lot 30 30 SEVEN OPALS: mostly black. (7) Estimated total weight 4.50ct. $100-150
Lot 31 31 A WHITE CRYSTAL OPAL (24 x 16.5 x 3mm). Estimated weight 6.10ct. $150-200
Lot 32 32 AN OVAL WHITE CRYSTAL OPAL. (21.4 x 17 x 5mm) Estimated weight 9.3ct. $100-150
Lot 33 33 A DROP-SHAPE BOULDER OPAL. (32 x 13mm) $100-150
Lot 34 34 FOUR OPAL PIECES: two boulder opals, a silver-mounted earring and pendant (pendant opal broken). (4) $50-80
Lot 35 35 A CHINESE TURQUOISE, ENAMEL AND SILVER-GILT FILIGREE DRAGONFLY BROOCH with articulated tail; roller safety catch. Length 55mm. $30-50
Lot 40 40 AN AMETHYST AND 9ct GOLD PENDANT: triangular cut amethyst with chequerboard top claw-set in 9ct gold. $40-60
Lot 41 41 A JADEITE BRACELET: cylindrical and round jade beads. $20-30
Lot 43 43 A PAIR OF OPAL AND 9ct GOLD DROP EARRINGS; post and scroll fittings (one various). Length 23mm. $60-90
Lot 44 44 A PAIR OF GEMSTONE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each with two oval amethysts, a drop-shape blue topaz and two diamonds; 9ct white gold with post and scroll fittings. Length 27mm. $100-120
Lot 45 45 A PAIR OF GARNET AND BLUE TOPAZ DROP EARRINGS; white metal, with post and scroll fittings. Length 43mm. $50-80
Lot 46 46 TWO PAIRS OF EARRINGS: cabochon agate; cultured pearl and cubic zirconia. (2) $20-40
Lot 47 47 AN EMERALD AND DIAMOND BRACELET: twenty-four oval emeralds and twelve diamonds; silver. Estimated total weight of emeralds 24 = 8.4ct. $200-300
Lot 48 48 A CARVED PIERCED IVORY PENDANT: a naked sprite in an arbour; wide oval frame; white metal serpentine link chain. Pendant width 48mm. $100-150
Lot 67 67 A PAIR OF TANZANITE EAR-STUDS: oval tanzanite; silver post and scroll fittings. $70-80
Lot 68 68 A PAIR OF CHRYSOCOLLA AND SILVER DROP EARRINGS: post and scroll fittings. $30-60
Lot 70 70 A PAIR OF CITRINE AND SILVER DROP EARRINGS: each with four oval and round citrine rim-set; post and scroll fittings. Length 40mm. $100-120
Lot 71 71 A LAPIS LAZULI AND PEARL NECKLACE: twenty-three gently graduated elongated octagonal faceted lapis beads and small freshwater cultured pearls strung with 9ct gold bolt ring. Length 45cm. $40-80
Lot 72 72 AN AVENTURINE AND GOLD SUITE comprising ring, earrings and necklace; ring marked 14ct, tests as 9ct gold. Ring weight 5.1g. Size Q. Earrings with screw fittings. Weight 5g. $140-200
Lot 73 73 A CARVED BONE BRACELET with eight carved pierced foliate panels. $30-40
Lot 76 76 AN AMBER NECKLACE AND AN ASSOCIATED PAIR OF EARRINGS. (2) Necklace length 72cm. $60-90
Lot 77 77 TWO BAKELITE COMBS. (2) $50-70
Lot 78 78 TWO BAKELITE COMBS. (2) (one repaired) $50-70
Lot 79 79 TWO BAKELITE COMBS. (2) $50-80
Lot 81 81 A FOLIATE TIARA/NECK ORNAMENT with pearls and chalcedony; gilt wire frame. $100-120
Lot 82 82 A FOLIATE TIARA/NECK ORNAMENT with pearls, lapis lazuli, stained turquoise and crystal; gilt wire frame. $100-150
Lot 85 85 AN AUSTRALIAN OPAL AND SILVER GUM-LEAF BROOCH by Gary Peters; sugar-treated opal within a nut and leaf border; marked GP. 60 x 38mm. $80-120
Lot 88 88 A CARVED BONE PANEL BRACELET. Width 44mm. $40-70
Lot 89 89 AN OLD IVORY BELT BRACELET. Width 43mm. $50-70
Lot 90 90 A CHINESE SILVER FILIGREE NAIL-COVER BROOCH set with coral and turquoise and with champlevé enamel ornament. $30-50
Lot 96 96 A VICTORIAN TURQUOISE, PEARL AND GOLD FRINGE NECKLACE with seven drops from a flower scroll collar with belcher link backing chain with turquoise set collets and barrel clasp; unmarked, tests approx 18ct gold. Note: the backing chain joins the fringe section by way of clasps at either end of the fringe. Fringe width 16cm. Weight 15.8g. $600-800
Lot 100 100 AN EDWARDIAN GOLD MOUNTED SALMON BROOCH. Length 40mm. $200-250
Lot 101 101 A VICTORIAN SHELL CAMEO AND JET LOCKET; gold jump-ring. Length 34mm. $50-70
Lot 103 103 A PASTE, PEARL AND SILVER-MOUNTED COMB with hinged teeth. Length 12cm. $30-60
Lot 105 105 AN EMERALD AND DIAMOND PENDANT: a rectangular emerald bezel set in yellow gold with a border of ten old-cut diamonds and with a diamond set to the pendant loop. Estimated total weight of diamonds 11 = 0.60ct. $250-350
Lot 111 111 TWO PAIRS OF GEMSTONE AND GOLD EAR-STUDS: blue topaz and 9ct white gold, and peridot and 9ct gold. (2) $80-120
Lot 112 112 A GARNET EIGHT-ROW BEAD NECKLACE: almandine garnet beads with screw clasp. Length approx 72cm. $80-100
Lot 131 131 A PAIR OF AMETHYST AND 9ct GOLD DROP EARRINGS: each a fancy drop-shape amethyst and round amethyst top; post and scroll fittings. Length 30mm. $120-160
Lot 140 140 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND FLOWER PENDANT with five cabochon black star sapphires and seventeen brilliant cut diamonds; 14k gold. Weight 3.4g. $130-150
Lot 143 143 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND EAR-CLIPS each set with two oval sapphires and seven diamonds; marked 750 18k, tests as 9ct gold. (each with a sapphire missing) Total weight 6.5g. $120-180
Lot 154 154 A RUBY BEAD NECKLACE: approximately 185 graduated faceted beads; screw clasp. Estimated total weight of rubies 70ct. Length of beads 49.5cm. $300-400
Lot 161 161 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND HEART AND RIBBON PENDANT with sixteen sapphires within diamond-set borders. Estimated total weights: Sapphires 0.20ct, Diamonds 0.70ct. $1000-1100
Lot 165 165 A GEM CORUNDUM AND SILVER HINGED BANGLE: five vari-colour sapphires and pinkish rubies. $100-150
Lot 168 168 AN AMBER PENDANT NECKLACE with silver spacing beads and bar and ring clasp. $60-80
Lot 171 171 AN EDWARDIAN 9ct GOLD BAR BROOCH: a star, crescent and bar with applied motifs, set with red and colourless stones; Chester; nickel pin. $40-50
Lot 183 183 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND EAR-STUDS: each an oval sapphire within a diamond border; 18ct white gold; post and scroll fittings. Total weight 2.6g. $140-180
Lot 185 185 A PAIR OF 15ct GOLD AND CUBIC ZIRCONIA CLUSTER EAR-CLIPS: each a cinquefoil with pave set diamond stamen in a domed cluster; post and clip fittings. (one stone missing) Width 22mm. Total weight 9.7g. $300-400
Lot 188 188 A 14ct GOLD ROPE-TWIST NECKLACE with polished and textured links set with cubic zirconia; box and tongue clasp with twin wire safety catches. Weight 38.8g. $950-1150
Lot 197 197 AN EMERALD, PEARL AND 14ct GOLD BEE BROOCH. Width 23mm. $120-160
Lot 202 202 A PAIR OF KYANITE AND DIAMOND EAR-STUDS: each a square cushion-cut kyanite four-claw set within a detached border of twenty-four diamonds; 18ct white gold. Estimated weights: Kyanite 2 = 0.80ct, Diamonds 48 = 0.40ct. Total weight 3.8g. $780-820
Lot 203 203 A PAIR OF CHALCEDONY AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each a drop-shape chalcedony cabochon within a border of thirty diamonds, linked by an eight-stone diamond bar to a twenty-eight stone pave-set diamond top; post and scroll fittings; 18ct white gold. Estimated total weight of diamonds 136 = 1.40ct. Length 35mm. $1450-1650
Lot 209 209 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each a drop-shape chequerboard-cut sapphire in a border of tapered baguette cut diamonds suspended from a flower cluster and leaf top; 18ct white gold. $1650-1750
Lot 212 212 A PAIR OF SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND DROP EARRINGS: each with a drop-shape sapphire within a leaf-shape diamond frame and with sapphire and diamond top; 18ct white gold, with post and scroll fittings. Estimated weights: Sapphires 4 = 1.25ct, Diamonds 0.86ct. Length 36mm. $1000-1100
Lot 214 214 A KUNZITE AND DIAMOND PENDANT: emerald-cut kunzite corner claw set below three brilliant cut diamonds. Estimated weights: Kunzite = 28ct, Diamonds 3 = 0.36ct. Weight 13.3g. Estimated gold weight 7.5g. $300-400
Lot 215 215 AN 18ct YELLOW GOLD FROG PENDANT with sapphire eyes. Length (with pendant loop) 30mm. Weight 10g. $350-450
Lot 216 216 A SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND AND 14ct GOLD NECKLACE: a crescent motif with an oval sapphire bezel set flanked by a row of square calibre sapphires flanked rows of carré-cut diamonds; a total of 46 diamonds channel set; curb-link chain with lobster claw clasp. Estimated total weight of diamonds 46 = 1.30ct. Motif width 46mm. Necklace length 44.5cm. Weight 23g. $1000-1400
Lot 233 233 A RETRO GEMSTONE AND 18ct GOLD HINGED BANGLE: the central flower with six diamonds, nineteen rubies and eighteen sapphires; the hinged bracelet with a further six diamonds on a foliate engraved bangle with box and tongue clasp and wire safety catch. Weight 37.8g. $1500-2200
Lot 236 236 AN ATTRACTIVE SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND NECKLACE: with 34 sapphires and 35 diamonds ranging 0.05ct-0.10ct; 18ct gold with box clasp and two figure-'8' safety catches; French control marks for 18ct gold. (with box and guarantee from Bijouterie Vendome, Noumea 1978 stating total weights: Sapphires 6.08ct, Diamonds 2.95ct) Weight 37.2g. $3000-3500
Lot 244 244 AN OPAL AND DIAMOND BROOCH: oval black opal (18 x 13.5 x 3.5mm) claw-set; the border and stepped shoulders with a total of 47 old-cut diamonds grain set with millegrain edges; 18ct white gold; silver safety chain. Estimated weights: Opal = 5.0ct, Diamonds 47 = 2.50ct. Width 65mm. Weight (all in) 14.5g. $1100-1500
Lot 250 250 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND HEART PENDANT NECKLACE by Salvadori (Venezia): the heart-on-heart hinged pendant with thirty-four sapphires and forty-four diamonds; 18ct white gold with cable-link chain and lobster claw clasp. Pendant width 30mm. Chain length 44cm. Total weight 12.6g. $1000-1500
Lot 253 253 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND PENDANT NECKLACE: an oval sapphire four-claw set with diamond-set top suspended within a detached border of brilliant cut diamonds; 18ct white gold with a fine 18ct white gold chain. Estimated weights: Sapphire = 1.10ct, Diamonds estimated total weight 0.33ct. $900-1000
Lot 264 264 A RUBY AND DIAMOND PENDANT: three oval rubies and twenty-eight diamonds; 18ct gold. Estimated weights: Rubies 3 = 1.10ct, Diamonds 28 = 0.30ct. Length including pendant loop 30mm. Weight 4.1g. $180-250
Lot 265 265 A RUBY, DIAMOND AND 18ct GOLD LEOPARD BROOCH: the cornered leopard poised to strike pave set with rubies and diamonds; roller safety catch. Weight 9.9g. Length 35mm. $400-500
Lot 267 267 AN AMETHYST, DIAMOND AND 18ct GOLD PENDANT: oval amethyst four-claw set below three brilliant cut diamonds. Estimated weights: Amethyst = 13.5ct, Diamonds 3 = 0.33ct. Weight 7.9g. Gold weight approx 5.2g. $220-320
Lot 269 269 A KYANITE AND DIAMOND BRACELET: four square cushion-cut kyanite each within 24 brilliant cut diamonds and conjoined with brilliant cut diamond links; 18ct white gold setting and brick-pattern bracelet with box and tongue clasp and hinged concealed safety catch. Estimated total weights: Kyanite 4 = 1.70ct, Diamonds 101 = 0.55ct. Weight 12.4g. $1900-2100
Lot 276 276 AN AMETHYST AND DIAMOND PENDANT NECKLACE: a drop-shape amethyst suspended within a diamond frame and with diamond cluster top; 18ct white gold with fancy snake-link 18ct white gold chain. Estimated weights: Amethyst = 2.21ct, Diamonds 0.56ct. $1550-1750
Lot 289 289 A RUBY AND DIAMOND HEART BROOCH/PENDANT with twenty round, oval and marquise rubies and twenty-three single cut diamonds in white gold; Asian manufacture; unmarked, tests as 9ct gold. Width 25mm. Weight 7.3g. $220-300
Lot 292 292 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND PENDANT: an oval sapphire within borders of eighteen and twenty-four diamonds; 14ct gold. Estimated weights: Sapphire = 1.15ct, Diamonds 42 = 0.49ct. $400-500
Lot 293 293 A SAPPHIRE AND DIAMOND RING AND BRACELET: the ring with four rectangular sapphire and ten single cut diamonds; tests as low purity white gold; the bracelet with thirty-two round and oval sapphires and thirty-two diamonds (two missing); tests as low-purity gold. (2) $250-300
Lot 300 300 THREE WHITE CRYSTAL OPALS: two oval (22.3 x 14mm, 16.5 x 12.7mm), one drop-shape (25 x 12.3mm). (3) Total weight 19.0ct. $230-250
Lot 301 301 FOUR WHITE CRYSTAL OPALS, three oval (21.8 x 15.75mm, 19.6 x 14.5mm, 18.2 x 13.5mm) and one drop-shape 13 x 8mm). (4) Total wt 26.0ct. $300-350
Lot 302 302 FIVE SILVER ITEMS: three bracelets and two rings; one bracelet with turquoise and pearls. (5) Total weight 57.1g. $70-90
Lot 304 304 A PAIR OF CORAL AND GOLD EARRINGS: each a 15.5mm coral bead; 9ct gold wire hooks. (one flange cap non-extant) $100-150
Lot 305 305 A PAIR EMERALD AND DIAMOND 'HUGGIE' HOOP EARRINGS: each with five emeralds and four diamonds; 9ct gold. $150-200
Lot 316 316 A RUBY AND GOLD PENDANT NECKLACE: eighteen drop-shape rubies in 18ct gold on a 14ct gold rope-twist chain. Pendant weight 4g. Chain weight 4.4g. $220-320
Lot 317 317 AN OPAL, DIAMOND AND 9ct GOLD CROSS AND CHAIN: the cross with a central diamond and five white crystal opals; on a box-link neckchain. Total weight 3.2g. $80-120
Lot 318 318 A TANZANITE LINE BRACELET: 21 oval tanzanites each four-claw set with 42 diamonds; 14ct gold with box and tongue clasp and twin wire safety catches. Estimated weights: Tanzanite 21 = 20.0ct, Diamonds 42 = 1.00ct. Weight 20.4g. $1500-1700
Lot 325 325 AN OVAL TANZANITE. Weight 0.80ct. $100-120
Lot 326 326 EIGHTEEN CABOCHON TANZANITES. (18) Approximate total weight 18 = 46.0ct. $50-70
Lot 327 327 A BOULDER OPAL. (7.8 x 5.8mm) $20-30
Lot 328 328 AN AQUAMARINE AND SILVER PENDANT: oval faceted aquamarine six-claw set with rope border. Estimated weight of aquamarine 12.0ct. $220-240
Lot 330 330 A PAIR OF TANZANITE AND DIAMOND CLUSTER EAR-STUDS: each an oval tanzanite within a border of fourteen diamonds; 14ct white gold with post and scroll fittings. Estimated weights: Tanzanite 2 = 2.20ct, Diamonds 28 = 0.24ct. $600-700
Lot 335 335 A TANZANITE AND DIAMOND PENDANT: an oval tanzanite claw-set within twelve brilliant cut diamonds; 14ct white gold. Estimated weights: Tanzanite = 0.75ct, Diamonds 12 = 0.24ct. $250-300
Lot 338 338 A CRYSTAL AND LAPIS LAZULI BEAD NECKLACE: sixty-two faceted crystal beads (15mm) and nineteen lapis beads (6mm). Length 74.5cm. $100-150
Lot 339 339 A BRANCH CORAL NECKLACE: a cluster twist of branch coral with gilt clasp. Length 51.5cm. $40-60
Lot 340 340 A LAPIS LAZULI, PEARL AND SILVER NECKLACE with lapis and silver heart on a pearl and lapis necklace: 52 circle freshwater cultured pearls; silver hook and figure-'8' clasp. $130-150

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18 May 2020

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